Hrithik and Priyanka all set to star together.

Hrithik and PriyankaAfter the success of ‘Agneepath’ at the box office, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra are all set to star together again, the reports said.

In spite of rumours of Priyanka being singled out by many in the industry post her alleged closeness to SRK, Hrithik apparently appears to have chosen to stay by his old friend’s side.

The source said that “Hrithik and Priyanka have known each other for quite sometime now and they share a very warm equation. Even on the sets, they are very comfortable around each other. Precisely why she is part of the Krissh franchise, and he has chosen to work with her in the future as well.”

“She is taking her time and choosing her films. Right now she is very busy with her superhero project,” the sources added.

However, Priyanka’s spokesperson denies the story, says that “Priyanka is shooting for Krissh 3 right now with Hrithik Roshan. We want to forcefully say that she has not been approached for any other film with Hrithik as yet.”

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