Gogoi restates stress on State development.

Tarun GogoiGuwahati: Development seizes the key to restoration of law and order. It also remains the unity among the people intact and makes employment opportunities.

This realisation has made the present State Government highlight the need for initiating development in the State. And, this has paid off, said Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.

The State Government has carried out well in various areas like health care, education, and community development etc, during the past ten years.

Under this Government, situation of the roads and hospitals has improved. The agricultural production of the State was the foremost this year. It has also recorded development in the horticulture and fisheries sectors, Gogoi said.

The Government is now annoying to eliminate middlemen to make sure remunerative prices to the farmers for their products. For the reason, it is going in for structure of growers’ societies. It is also laying stress on the development of the cooperative sector to reimburse the dearth of investors.

The State is also put down stress on development of the small, medium and cottage industry sectors, as there is little scope for huge investors coming to the State as the State cannot offer big plots of land to them.

Furthermore, the State Government is eager on retrieves the land lost to the rivers due to erosion. Erosion has emerged as a huge problem for the State making a large lump of its tribal and alternative population the victim. The State Government is planning to bring an end to their miseries, said the Chief Minister.

As well, the Chief Minister also repeats the hold of his Government towards the Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project saying that none of the experts has recommended abandonment of the project.

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