China’s Tencent attacks Indian Govt websites.

TencentNew Delhi: Websites of Indian government and Tibetan activists in the country are under attack in a cyber attack by a Chinese hacker, working with one of the world’s major e-tailers Tencent, the reports said.

Luckycat operation which it traced back to a command and control center in China, the reports said. The attacks are part of a planned effort, rather than random hacks, and have conciliations 233 computers, according to the report.

The attackers targets a number of Japanese and Indian industrial sites working in aerospace, enginery, engineering, shipping, and military research.

Computers were contaminated with malware by alluring e-mail recipients to open attachments, according to the reports.

Baburaj Varma, Head – Technical Services (India & SAARC) Trend Micro said that “We were able to track elements of this campaign to hackers based in China.”
Varma said that “The victims, include Indian military research organisations and shipping companies, besides aerospace, energy and engineering companies in Japan.”

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