APCC new committee formed not get more than half of its term.

ACCP new committeeGuwahati:The long unpaid process of formation of the executive committee of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) is so far to be completed mostly due to a difference of belief among the senior leaders of the party and, thus far, about half of the tenure of the committee has expired.

The elections to the APCC were due in October, 2010 and so, the elections to the block and district-level committees were held and over 250, members were nominated to the state committee from the districts.

But the formation of the executive committee from among the members elected from the districts is to be completed, and the old committee is still running the affairs of the ruling party on an unplanned basis.

APCC sources said that Bhubaneswar Kalita was elected as the president of the Committee for the 3rd consecutive term at the end of September, 2010, but the formation of the executive committee has been hanging in balance since then.

The executive committee was not created in 2010 as scheduled as the election to the Assam Legislative Assembly was due in April, 2011 and the Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi was of the view that the active committee should be allowed to function until the elections.

The term of the committee was prior three years, but that has been integrated to five years. But the new committee, when formed, will get not more than half of its term because of the hold-up in formation of the committee.

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