WikiLeaks releasing 167 Stratfor emails related to Anonymous attack.

stratforWikiLeaks has starts releasing a collection of what it says are 5.5m emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a US-based intelligence gathering firm with concerning 300,000 subscribers.

The whistleblowing site has released 167 emails in its preliminary release. WikiLeaks said that it has partnered with 25 media organisations about the world, comprising Rolling Stone, McClatchey, the Hindu and Russia Reporter.

Contrasting previous WikiLeaks releases, this newest email cache was actually gets through a hacking attack on Stratfor by Anonymous in Dec 2011 before through a whistleblower.

Anonymous published contact and credit card details from Stratfor and said at the time it had also gets a large volume of emails for which it would organize publication.

“We promised you those mails and now they’ll finally be delivered. Five million (that’s 5,000,000) emails at your pleasure. There’s a treasure trove of nasty details in those emails. We think there’s something for everyone,” said the Anonymous account.

Stratfor expressed itself as a provider of strategic intelligence on global business, economic, security and geopolitical affairs.

WikiLeaks said that the documents enclosed details of the inner workings of the private intelligence agency, links between government and private intelligence, and comments on WikiLeaks itself.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told that “Here we have a private intelligence firm, relying on informants from the US government, foreign intelligence agencies with questionable reputations, and journalists.”

The hacking assault on Stratfor is subject to an FBI investigation. Some alleged members of Anonymous have been arrested by authorities in the US and UK as part of examinations.

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