Pre-booking of Sony PS Vita starts in India.

Sony PS VitaNew Delhi: Pre-booking of Sony’s next generation gaming relieve, the PS Vita, has been started in India by well-liked online retailer, the reports said. The delivery of the console is thus likely to begin within the next 10-15 days as well.

Remarkably the Japanese consumer electronics giant had prior announced the release of the gaming console internationally on Feb 22.

The Vita features a quad core mobile processor based on the Arm Cortex A9 architecture and a devoted GPU. The device also features a back and a front camera. The Vita also features a capacitive track pad at the back of the device like the one featured on the Motorola Backflip for easy and precise navigation.

Sony has integrated a six axis motion sensing system that includes of a three axis gyroscope and a three axis accelerometer for precise motion sensing. As well, a three axis compass has also been along with the device for location based tracking in coincidence with the included GPS system that has been precisely tweaks for best performance for Sony’s latest Vita operating system that features on the new PS vita.

The WiFi merely variant of PS Vita will cost you Rs 19,900 while the 3G+ WiFi version has been priced at Rs 24,900.

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