Police arrest Vidya Balan’s stalker.

Vidya Balan Actress Vidya Balan couldn’t have yet imagined that The Dirty Picture’s’ giant success would make her life fall under danger and threat in a similar way.

Balan’s friend informs about the actress’s stalker, who has been following her for quite a long time. The stalker used to trail Vidya up to her film sets and building. Things took a major and severe turn after a certain incident.

Few days back, the stalker dared to go to Vidya’s flat. While Vidya was not at home at that time, her sister opened the door. When told that Vidya had gone out, the stalker enquired if Vidya had gone out with her niece Ira and nephew Ruhaan that came as a shock to both Vidya and her sister.

Following returning home, Vidya asked the security guards of her building to keep a watch on the man. While the stalker returned back, the guard aware the police, after which he got arrested.

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