Government tightened policy for surrender of militants.

fake surrender in assamGuwahati: The Government has already spent hundreds of crores of rupees on account of remedy of surrender of militants in Assam, but the number of those who ‘laid down arms’ is much more than the total number of militants as considered by the police and security agencies.

Besides, there have been allegations that several lower level cadres of the militant groups are not getting the monthly payment frequently after coming over ground.

Sources said that at least 18,000 militants ‘laid down arms’ since the recent policy of remedy of militants came into effect and the Government spent a giant amount for their rehabilitation. But the figure of those who surrendered was much more than the total number of militants.

Majority of the militants who laid down arms did not have any police case against them and even the police and security forces did not have any evidence on their involvement in activities of militant groups.

The past records of those who wanted to surrender were not checked and taking benefit of the circumstances, a number of ‘fake surrenders’ took place, which resulted in abuse of massive amounts of funds.

Lately, the Government tightened the policy for surrender of militants and only surrenders of those whose names are clean by a high power committee are accepted. But a massive number of fake surrenders took place before the new policy came into being.

As per the latest policy of the Government, the militants who lay down arms and come to the conventional, get a periodical stipend of Rs 3,000 each for three years and a fixed deposit of Rs 1.50 lakh is kept against the name of each surrendered militant, which is unconfined to them after completion of three years.

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