Google removed offensive content from India domains.

GoogleGoogle Inc. removed content from its India domains that was considered offensive by a New Delhi district court after a civil lawsuit against the owner of the world’s major search engine.

Gaurav Bhaskar, a spokesman for Google India said that the material was blocked-up from India search results, YouTube, Blogger and the social-networking site Orkut.

The content was deleted from domains .in and, whereas remaining available from other countries, Bhaskar said today. Google can’t take down content that emerges on websites owned by other companies and individuals, he said.

India is intensifying scrutiny of Internet postings and mobile communications as it tries to eradicate provocative comments and curb dispute between religious groups. The Hindu- majority South Asian country is home to over 138 million Muslims, including concerning 13 percent of the world’s second- largest population.

The company said in a statement “We believe that access to information is the foundation of a free and prosperous society. Where content is illegal or breaks our terms of service, we will continue to remove it.”

Google’s erasures are in accordance with company policy of hinder illegal content on its property to obey with local laws, Bhaskar said.

Google and Facebook Inc. are challenging a separate, criminal complaint about nasty content in the Delhi High Court. The next hearings will be Feb. 14 and 15.

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