Facebook approach Saavn for joint collaboration.

SaavnIndian start up ‘Saavn’ has been move towards by Facebook for a joint collaboration towards greater distribution of music, according to the reports. India is one of Facebook’s fastest-growing markets and a key focus area for the company, as obvious from its IPO documents.

Saavn or South Asian Audio Video Network is an ad-supported digital music service for all kinds of Indian music made obtainable on the Web, iOS and Android.

It appears that Saavn has already assists Facebook tap into the great Indian market ever since its launch as a Facebook app a month ago, its user base augmented from 35,000 to 785,000.

Saavn permits users to find and share music from their Facebook Timeline page, Ticker and News Feed. The service is available all over the world, across 219 countries. Saavn’s service is free to use online, even as premium account holders, can download and play music offline.

Growth in India and other emerging markets like Brazil is mainly vital to major internet services, given the restrictions in place in China.

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