Dish TV launched truHD+ with unlimited recording.

dish truHDNew Delhi: Dish TV India has already prepared them for such a possibility by lately launching the Dish truHD+ service that doesn’t only features high definition content, but also allows unlimited recording of the television programs.

Unlimited is more of a gimmick, since the programs don’t get recorded inside the box itself, although rather in an external USB drive/HDD.

One foremost concern about Dish truHD+ is the performance of the setup. It is a known fact that the speed of access of information in an internal disc is always quicker than that on an external USB drive or a hard disk.

Dish truHD+ proposes dual advantage of HD and DVR where the consumer can get a picture quality of 1080i with a 16:9 picture format and 5.1 surround sounds. It also comes equipped with the latest MPEG4 technology.

In addition to this the similar box is used as a DVR as well by a simple ‘plug-n-play’ through an external USB device. This allows users to get usual DVR like recording and playing back programs, pausing or rewinding live TV, different play-back positions, event based recording (EBR), time based recording (TBR) and so on.

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