Civil Society inquiry the report of Bhuban Valley Tea Estate deaths.

Bhuban Valley Tea EstateGuwahati:  The civil society inquiry report of Bhuban Valley Tea Estate deaths which was presented to the media prominence the conditions that led to starvation deaths of eleven persons, said that situation of another 45 workers of the TE was still serious .

The report also articulated worry about the future of the labourers of seven other tea estates located in Barak Valley, which, according to it, are until a related fate.

The seven tea estates comprise Chargola Valley TE, Durganagar TE, Modon Mohan TE, Sreebehula TE, Sengla Chera TE, Chincoorie TE and Saraswati TE of Barak Valley.

Barak Valley-based human rights organization Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) had prior sent letters to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and to the Union Labour Minister looking for their involvement over the alleged starvation deaths in Bhuban Valley Tea Estate.

The report also recommended to the Government to take a number of steps to bail out the fatality labourers, which comprise allowing extra allowance of PDS ration, immediate and proper medical support, offer drinking water facilities, implementation of Supreme Court order of provision of basic food and nutrition, which, they feel, is not being followed in the tea estates.

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