Assam Govt proposed to revise wages for NREGA employees.

Assam GovtGuwahati: State government has prepared a draft proposal to revise minimum wages for workers and employees engaged under NREGA under the pertinent provisions of Minimum Wages Act, 1948, the reports said.

The least rates of wages fixed for different categories are Rs 208 per day for skilled work/clerical work and Rs 150 per day for semi-skilled/unskilled supervisory work, an official reports said.

A minumum rate of Rs 130 per day was planned for unskilled workers who are engaged in agriculture, construction or maintenance of roads or in building operation, stone breaking or crushing, flood control, irrigation and public health engineering.

As well to the rates of wages as may be revised, the workers/employees shall be allowed to variable dearness allowance (VDA) to the amount of 75 per cent of the rise or fall in the index point in the all India consumer price index for industrial workers.

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