Shanti Bhushan fined of Rs 27.22 lakh for not paying full stamp duty.

shanti bhushanNew Delhi: Senior advocate of the Supreme Court and Team Anna member Shanti Bhushan has been fined of Rs 27.22 lakh by the Assistant Stamp Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh, the reports said.

The Assistant Stamp Commissioner imposed the fine on Shanti Bhushan for not paying the full stamp duty on the acquisition of land.

Assistant stamp commissioner KP Pandey said that a former Union minister, Bhushan has thus far paid Rs 46,700 towards the stamp duty for the purchase of the property spread more than 7,818 acres of land in the posh Civil Lines area.

He should pay within a month the outstanding amount, in adding to the fine, with 1.5 per cent interest with effect from Nov 29, 2010.

However, He did not quit the possession of the property and remained concerned in a protracted litigation with the landlord before purchasing the land through an agreement to sell in Nov, 2010.

It has been asserted by the department for stamp and registration that the veteran lawyer had shown acquire of the property for a worthless sum, which allowed him to minimize its value on which the stamp duty payable was calculated and Rs 46,700 was paid.

A notice was issued to Bhushan in February, 2011 for supposed avoidance of stamp duty to the tune of almost Rs 1.35 crore. But, Bhushan has been continued that there was no evasion of stamp duty on his part.

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