Sanjay Dutt team up with Raj Kundra to begin sport league.

sanjay duttSanjay Dutt teams up with Shilpa’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra, to begin a one of its kind sports league that will be aspect mixed martial arts, which is a full-contact  combat sport, the reports said.

Actually, at a current event held by them equally, they revealed that they are organising a mixed-martial arts league here.

A source says that “Yes, Sanju and Raj have come up with this whole new interesting concept of a sports league. The league will involve wrestling, kick-boxing, karate, taekwondo and others. Kick-boxing, especially has a huge fan base in India. So they thought why not — it’s going to be an interesting event.”

Sanjay’s manager confirmed that “Yes, he is doing something like that. However, I can’t give you any details.”

However, they are yet to make any formal announcement about the business venture. Sanjay and Raj remained unavailable for comment.

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