Myanmar Govt takes steps against militants.

Myanmar GovtGuwahati: The Government of Myanmar has assured India that steps would be taken against the militants using the territory of that country. At the same time, Myanmar has required help from India for implementation of several major development projects.

The sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) told that the issue of presence of militants of India in Myanmar was conferred in detail in the recent Home Secretary level meeting between India and Myanmar.

The Indian delegation pointed out in the meeting that a number of leaders of the militant groups are staying in Myanmar and about all the major rebel groups of NE India have their bases in that country.

The Indian delegation also submitted a list of camps of the militants with identified locations to the Myanmar Government so that action can be taken to expel the same.

On the possibility of joint operations against the militants, sources said that it would be knotty for a sovereign country like Myanmar to allow Indian Army to function in its territory. However, the likelihood of coordinated operations on both sides of the border cannot be ruled out.

In the meantime, the Government of Myanmar has sought India’s assist to realize some major development projects, which would also be beneficial for India.

Myanmar Government has also sought India’s assist for development of the Naga Hills area of Myanmar and India has agreed to do so.

India’s assist for development of the Naga Hills area of Myanmar at a time when talks are on with rebellious groups of Nagaland would give a psychological enhance and prove India’s willingness for the development of the Naga people.

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