Indian Govt sanctions prosecution of 21 Internet firms.

kapil sibalNew Delhi: The government on Friday gave sanction for the prosecution of 21 Internet firms comprising Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Youtube and Yahoo for carrying provocative content.

The ministry of communications and information technology filed a report in a Delhi court saying stuff on social-networking sites could prompt public enmity and even imperil India’s unity. The move led to worries that it was a regressive step that would restrain free speech online.

Following the sanction from the ministry headed by Kapil Sibal, Delhi Police can accuse the firms.

A Delhi-based journalist had filed a complaint against the social-networking  sites saying they should be accused for a series of criminal offences like offend religious feelings and distributing obscene material, some of which want the sanction of Sibal’s ministry.

Representatives for all 21 sites named in the unique complaint have been ordered to appear in court on March 13 for the case to be taken forward.

The Delhi High Court is also currently hearing an appeal from the companies over an order involving them to take down the offensive material.

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