Eight injured in Guwahati oil refinery burst.

Fire at oil refineryGuwahati: Fire broke out in the Guwahati Refinery complex following the burst of the slob oil tank number 56 of the Refinery’s tank firm in evening. But, the fire was brought under control swiftly.

Five fire tenders instantly hurried to the spot and brought the circumstances under control within about half an hour’s time.

Eight persons injured in the event have been rushed to the Refinery Hospital till the filing of this report, whereas IGP CWR GP Singh said that the exact number of persons injured in the incident is so far to be determined.

Deputy General Manager Gautam Das Gupta told to reporters that a multi-disciplinary query committee has been formed with the officials from the refinery operations, safety, and maintenance, electrical and mechanical departments to go into the event.

Some refinery employees suspected that welding work was going on for a new crude chamber near the tank. A spark from the welder’s nozzle caused the blast in the tank. When the tank went off, about 200 persons were working at the site.

The people assumed that the refinery authorities failed to take sufficient precautionary and safety measures. They also alleged that the refinery authorities could not organize for adequate number of ambulances to deal with any such eventuality.

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