Doctors recommended Hazare for one month’s rest.

Anna Hazare healthPune: The health of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, who was admitted to a private hospital  after suffering from viral infection, is not improving, doctor prior criticized for Friday, might be postponed for two more days due to his fragile health.

“Anna’s health was fine until yesterday. However, he could not sleep properly last night due to severe coughing. We are planning to increase the dosage of antibiotics from five days to seven days,” said Mahendra Kawedia from Sancheti Hospital, who has personally check Hazare’s condition.

He added that “Since he needs to be kept under observation while the antibiotics are administered to him, we might discharge him on Sunday instead of Friday as earlier planned.”

Doctors have recommended Hazare, one month’s rest, putting a question mark over his plans to crusade against the Congress in the approaching assembly polls in five states.

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