Congress denied Mamata’s accuse to plan with CPI-M to assault her.

Mamata BanerjeeNew Delhi/Kolkata: As the Congress in West Bengal endangered to strengthen its protest over the planned renaming of Indira Bhavan at Salt Lake, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee alleged the Congress was conspired with the CPI-M to assault her party.

Banerjee said while reacting to protest-agitations by Congress workers over the Indira Bhavan issue, “In West Bengal, the CPI-M and the Congress are working together. Our party men are being attacked at places like Keshpur and Garbeta.”

The government has proposed to rename Indira Bhavan, where late PM Indira Gandhi stayed during the 1972 AICC session and thus the name, after rebel poet Kavi Nazrul Islam.

Banerjee said, “Some men of the Congress are carrying out campaign on the Indira Bhavan issue. They (Congress) are blocking roads and railway tracks daily and abusing me daily. However, I have not uttered anything against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or against Sonia Gandhi.”

Banerjee identified that the building was a state guest house where the late Marxist leader Jyoti Basu had to stay for more than a decade until his death.

In the meantime, the Congress denied Mamata Banerjee’s accuse that it was planned with CPI-M to assault her government on the issue of renaming Indira Bhavan.

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