Buffaloes fight celebrates as Assam Bihu carnival.

Buffaloes fightAhatguri: In Assam carnival, celebrated the Magh Bihu full-scale battle. In battle, the one-tonne buffaloes have to lock horns and fight it out in the arena.

The stakes are not high but still the matadors provoke and coax their domestic buffaloes to fight and win them a prize Rs.5, 551 as the first prize in this event and some mementoes.

The village of Ahatguri, buzzed with activity on Monday with the locals organising the annual buffalo fight, a tradition that goes back centuries. About 108 buffaloes took part in the event.

For the villagers, buffalo fights are an entertaining sport held during Bihu, the weeklong Magh Bihu or the Assamese harvest festival where usual games accompanied by feasting mark the celebrations.

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