Assam Rifles do not cross limit: GPRN/NSCN.

NSCNDimapur: Claiming that Nagas, for the last 60 years, have borne the ‘brunt of Assam Rifles (AR)’, GPRN/NSCN Thursday said Assam Rifles officers and men stationed in Nagaland need not urge peace and harmony in Nagaland.

Asking the government of India to make sure that the Assam Rifles do not cross limit, GRPN/NSCN MIP in a statement said that track record proved that AR have dented India’s image time and again by employing maximum violence and harassment upon the Nagas.

The MIP said that “The ceasefire exists but currently the actions on the Assam Rifles have left a lot to be desired. Why was Naga Army forcefully evicted from Athibung designated camp and allowed the K group to send in arms and men from Kohima, Dimapur as well as from Manipur for reinforcement?”


GPRN/NSCN MIP further said that it out rightly rejected if there was a directive from the Ministry of home affairs (MHA) to prevent entry and exit of GPRN/NSCN officials from designated camps and indicated that movement of vehicles to and from designated camps should not be restricted, MIP asserted.


Stating that since the ministry of home affairs was aware that the officiating CFSB head was the IGAR (N), MIP pointed out that the ministry should express the establishment to coordinate with conflicting parties in any circumstances before acting only on the information received from subordinate officers.

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