Airtel and Vodafone announced fixed fee-based plans for Blackberry users.

airtel and vodafoneTelecom foremost Airtel and Vodafone on Thursday announced rigid fee-based plans with different terms and conditions, which will permit an unlimited use of BlackBerry Messenger Service to their customers.

Whereas Vodafone’s plan to be launched next week under a name ‘Go BBM’ unlimited access to BlackBerry Messenger for Rs. 5 per day or Rs. 129 per month for prepaid. There will be the fixed price of Rs 129 per month for post-paid subscribers, the reports said.

Airtel said in a statement that unlimited BBM service custom plan for its post-paid customers against monthly rental of Rs. 129. This plan will also offer 300 local and national SMS to BlackBerry handset users, the statement said.

BBM has advanced as one of the admired social networks with more than 50 million users. It offers immediate messaging for BlackBerry smart phone owners, letting users communicate in real time with the people who matter most.

Vodafone said in a statement that as part of the preliminary offer, subscribers who buy a BlackBerry Curve 8520 or BlackBerry Curve 9300 smart phone by the end of February 2012 can benefit one year of unlimited access to the BBM service from the date of purchase.

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