Top ULFA functionary and Indian journalist arrested by Myanmar Army.

ULFANew Delhi: A top ULFA finance secretary and an Indian journalist were arrests by the Myanmar Army on Saturday, Home Secretary RK Singh confirmed.

The top ULFA finance secretary arrested is Lt Col Jibon Moran. The journalist arrested by the Myanmar army Rajiv Bhattacharjee was working in lately started Guwahati newspaper called Seven Sisters Post.

Rajiv Bhattacharjee had lately posted on Facebook and Twitter that he was going to interview ULFA leader Paresh Baruah in November first week in the Myanmar jungles. Since then the Myanmar media is avid with news that Paresh Baruah has been arrested.

It seems that journalist Rajiv Bhattacharjee was either arrested whereas he was on route to interview Paresh Baruah, or he was meeting Jibon Moran.
According to the reports, Paresh Baruah operates between Chengdu province in China and Kachin state in Myanmar.

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