Team Anna mode of protest had political ambitions: Tarun Gogoi.

Tarun GogoiGuwahati: On Monday, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi criticized Team Anna members, claiming that they had political ambitions and their main intention appeared to be to defeat the UPA government.

Gogoi told reporters that “I got a feeling by observing their (Team Anna’s) statements and mode of protest that they have political ambitions…Their main purpose seems to be to oust the UPA regime. I do not understand why he is always criticizing the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.”

He also said that Anna Hazare is not the first person in the country to fight corruption and there have been many before him, who is memorized for their strong opposition to corruption.

“Anna is criticizing the report of the parliamentary committee on Lokpal, but he seems to forget that the committee comprises members from various political parties and not only the Congress,” said Gogoi.

Assam Lokpal bill would be placed in the assembly during the budget session, he added, “But it is impossible to totally wipe out corruption from all levels.”

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