Suspected militants blast grenades at house of two politicians in Manipur.

Blast in ManipurImphal: Suspected militants blast two powerful grenades at the houses of two politicians in Manipur but no victim was reported, police said today.

The Sources said that the suspected militants threw a grenade at the house of president of Manipur People’s party (MPP), Nimaichand Luwang.

The grenade blast and smashed parts of the house, and MPP president was not at home at the time of the incident, the reports said.

In another incident, the supposed militants blast a powerful grenade at the house of district Congress committee president CH, but no casualty was reported except damage to some portions of the roof of the house, sources said.

No individual or group has asserts responsibility for the incident. Prior, a militant faction had said that they would boycott the forthcoming Manipur assembly elections.

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