Sony launched PlayStation Vita with successful debut in gaming world.

Sony Playstation VitaTokyo: Sony’s delightful PlayStation Vita portable game machine hit stores in Japan on Saturday as thousands of game fans lined up early in the morning to be among the first to buy it.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is forecasting brisk sales, although the launch may have missed some holiday shoppers. A successful debut would help the company counteract the rest of its struggling business.

Sony projects a loss of over $1 billion for the fiscal year through March 2012, which would be its 4th straight annual loss.

The device is a touch-interface and motion-sensitive handheld observed as a successor to the PlayStation Portable. Gamers can connect over cell phone networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, and use GPS location-tracking technology.

The Vita has front and back cameras, a touchscreen in front, a touch pad on the back and two bulges like joysticks. It will allow gamers to play against each other using PlayStation 3 consoles over the Internet-based PlayStation Network, a system that was strike with a huge hacking attack earlier this year.

Vita’s launch will heat up competition with rival Nintendo Co.’s 3DS.The PS Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe on February 22.

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