PM intense to see passed Lokpal Bill during new session of Parliament.

Manmohan SinghNew Delhi: As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meets leaders of various political parties, he said on Wednesday that he was intense to see the momentous Lokpal Bill passed during the recent session of Parliament based on a consensus that is driven by the House as the custodian of legislation.

He said in his opening remarks at the all-party meet that “The government is committed to implement in letter and spirit a good and effective Lokpal Bill that would have a quick and positive impact in further curbing the cancer of corruption without any adverse effects on the efficiency of our system of public administration.”

Government is under strong pressure from political parties to comprise the office of Prime Minister, Group C and D employees and the anti-corruption section of CBI within the purview of the lokpal bill.

On Wednesday, parties comprising BJP, the Left and BSP made their place clear on the matter, which they said will follow at the meeting.

However, the government has given sign that it may not be unwilling to the enclosure of Prime Minister within the ambit of the ombudsman.

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