PM calls all-party meeting over Lokpal bill issue today.

manmohan singhNew Delhi: The Prime Minister has called for an all-party meeting over the Lokpal Bill issue on Wednesday, where the UPA will attempt its best to accomplish a penetrate and it remains to be seen whether consensus will appear on controversial issues.

PM met all allies on Tuesday night, comprising the new member Ajit Singh, who will be the new Civil Aviation Minister. There is a broad consensus within the UPA to bring the Prime Minister under the Lokpal Bill, the sources said.

After the meeting, Home Minister P Chidambaram said that a broad consensus has comes out within the UPA II.

He said that “The allies were present and they expressed their views on the Lokpal Bill. Ajit Singh was present for the first time. There is a broad consensus on the approach of the UPA II alliance.”

Under severe pressure from the Opposition and Team Anna, sources says that the government may approve comprise Group C bureaucrats and the Prime Minister under Lokpal, but with riders.

The BJP, which also partake in Anna Hazare’s open debate on the Lokpal Bill on Sunday, claims it will not agree to anything that falls short of the two clauses.

The BJP and BSP have considered resisting the Standing Committee’s Lokpal Bill draft in the all-party meeting.

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