Mario Kart 7 video game set to release with new features.

Mario Kart 7After the undisputed critical acclamation for Super Mario 3D Land, the future continues to look good for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld with the release of Mario Kart 7 this Friday.

The long-awaited kart racer is receiving usually positive acclaim for the way in which it both builds on the franchise with fresh features, as well as staying reliable to the core gameplay.

Mario Kart 7 different than others is the smooth controls that make it simple for anyone to drive the vehicles, and for new players to be able to have fun and contend with experienced gamers.

In this game, the environments are extremely varied. Many are based on other Nintendo properties and some require gliding, others take the race underwater, and as usual, finding alternate routes through the courses is one key to triumph. Another is to use weapons like turtle shells, bananas, and fireballs against opponents.

Players can modify their vehicle prior to racing, choosing a chassis and tires that affect speed, acceleration, and handling. Accessories like hang-gliders are also provided. Assembling coins on the tracks will unlock other vehicle options.

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