Manipur Loktak Lake Second Amendment Bill 2011 passed.

Loktak Lake BillImphal: The controversial Manipur Loktak Lake (Protection) Second Amendment Bill, 2011 has been passed by the House collectively, though a Private Member Resolution moved by Opposition MLA O Joy for approval and extension of the Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation 1873 in the State of Manipur was quiet as the matter is subjudice with a case pending in the Gawahati High Court.

Destroying the Phumdis as a solution to save the Loktak Lake will not provide any intention and at the same time it will destroy the natural ecology of the area.

The three MLAs also pointed out the need to discuss on the life of the people resolved in the Loktak Lake and their fishing profession.

Chief Minister O Ibobi said that the Loktak Lake is a gift of Mother Nature. It is our duty to protect and preserve the lake.

The protection and conservation process carried out by the state government is done in discussion with the Ministry of Forest and with its due clearance.

As such, the state government has specified an amount of Rs 40,000 to all phumdi dwellers for their rehabilitation and made them to burn the huts themselves.

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