Intel’s Ultrabook replace laptops by 2013.

IntelNew Delhi: Electronic chip maker Intel is betting huge on evolution of latest form of computer notebook, UltraBook, and anticipates it to replace laptops by 2013.

Intel South Asia’s Director of Marketing Sandeep Aurora told reporters that “Our focus for next few years is going to be on energy efficiency, security and connectivity. Ultrabook as category was launched this year. This will change face of computing in next two to three years.”

Ultrabooks have lustrous and compact design with computing speed that can match computing need of present laptop uses.

Intel will launch Ivy Bridge processors, which will focus on Ultrabooks. In 2012, Intel said that it will become involved in smartphone sector with its atom processors during first half of 2012.

Intel will use its Mobile Communications division, created after acquirement of Infineon Technologies Wireless Solutions, to build up technology for working on 2G, 3G and 4G cellular platforms.

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