Govt introduce Lokpal Bill tomorrow in Lok Sabha.

Lok SabhaNew Delhi:  The government will launch the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill tomorrow at 11 am in the Lok Sabha.

A debate and vote on the Bill is expected to be held on December 27. To allow that, a three-day extension of this session of Parliament, which finished tomorrow, is likely to be announced soon.

And tonight, before the Bill arrived at Parliament, the government is on recognizable Lokpal turf. Activist Anna Hazare and his team have rejected the Bill; thus has the main opposition party.

The 74-year-old Anna returns to recognizable stomping ground of a hunger strike and protest camp on December 27.

The BJP has committed its insensitive opposition and will ask tomorrow for amendments to the Bill. The activists and the BJP concur that the government has wilfully ignored the need to end its control over the country’s premier investigating agency, the CBI.

In this morning, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi made it clear that the government will not be supposed to liberate. At a meeting of Congress MPs this morning, she defended the Lokpal Bill.

Till prior today, the major issue of dispute between the government on one hand, and the activists and the BJP on the other, emergeed to be the relationship between the CBI and the Lokpal or nine-member ombudsman.

The government refused to yield administrative control of the CBI to the Lokpal. Anna and the BJP says that if he CBI’s budget, and the appointments and transfers of its officers are handled by the government, opponents say, the agency will have limited sovereignty.

Team Anna also pressure that if the ombudsman has no investigative wing, its only powers lie in being capable to refer complaints of corruption to the CBI, and receiving updates on them.

However, the government has agreed to the BJP’s persistence that the chief of the CBI will be selected in the future by a panel that comprises the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Chief Justice of India.

Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad have proclaimed their parties oppose the bill. “Lokpal will not be in your hands. It will go to the hands of police. Nothing can be done then against the police,” said Mulayam.

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