Google plan to take on Amazon in retail.

GoogleGoogle Inc is pondering an Internet service to assist consumers’ shop online and take advantage of same-day delivery, hoping to stanch the loss of Web traffic to Inc, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The Internet search leader is in talks with major retailers and shippers, including Macy’s, Gap Inc and OfficeMax, to set up the service; the newspaper cited people familiar with the matter as saying.

Google rejected to comment, and Amazon did not return calls for comment. A Gap spokeswoman declined to comment, while Macy’s and OfficeMax was not available for comment.

Google will instead work with retailers’ websites, merge an existing product-search feature that directs shoppers to those sites, with a fresh shipping service that it intends to create and supervise, the Journal reported.

That new feature is designed to conclude if a nearby physical store has a desired product in stock. Google could then offer the consumer an option to obtain their goods within a day or two, for a fee, the newspaper said.

Google plans a test trial in the San Francisco Bay area for the fresh proposal, which could also involve United Parcel Service Inc, the Journal added.

Google still governs when shoppers are searching for products to buy on the Internet. Handling the next steps, such as purchasing and getting items delivered, makes sense, said Eric Best, chief executive of an e-commerce firms Mercent.

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