Committee member provoked Kumble to resigns as a chief of NCA.

Anil KumbleBangalore: Earlier Indian cricket captain Anil Kumble, resigns as a chief of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore and said that he did not wish to be a mere a figurehead.

He is the holder of the highest test and one-day discharged for India, Kumble says a difference of outlook with the committee members provoked his decision to resign.

He said that “I had put together a three year vision plan which obviously didn’t see much alignment with the rest of the committee members, and I felt, that at that stage there is no point in being a part of NCA just as a figure head and I though it is better to move on and request somebody else to take that position.”

According to the media reports, Kumble wants to amend the NCA into a training centre, where youngsters refresh their skills before entering the domestic or international circuit.

The academy presently functions as an analysis centre, where injured national team players endure treatment under the guidance of physiotherapists and trainers appointed by BCCI.

Kumble is presently the president of Karnataka State Cricket Association and a mentor with the RCB team.

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