BCCI encash Rs 2000 crore after scraps deal with Nimbus.

BCCINew Delhi: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has scrapped its deal with Nimbus Communications with instant effect, the reports said.

According to BCCI sources, the board will ensue to encash a bank guarantee of the Rs 2000 crores.

This week Nimbus, which renewed its contract with the BCCI in 2009, was blamed by the BCCI of lagging behind on payments for the definite number of matches.

Although, Nimbus said there were no outstanding payments, the BCCI’s unexpected decision has thrown into confusion the situation.

On Sunday, It had been reported that Nimbus asserted that payments up to 75 per cent of the imminent amount had been made, and that they demanded the BCCI to extend their January deadline for the last leg of the payment.

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