Banks compete to be lead bankers for Facebook’s IPO.

Facebook IPONew York: Top Wall Street investment banks are competing to be the escort bankers for Facebook’s blockbuster initial public offering (IPO), which could come in early 2012, the reports said.

Sources said last week that Facebook would take the stock public in the second quarter of 2012. The IPO could hang the worth of Facebook at $100 billion or more and could make as much as $10 billion. That would provide bankers a 2.2% cut, or as much as $220 million. But Facebook may talk lower fees.

Goldman Sachs mismanaged a private placement deal earlier this year and had to edge the offering to investors outside of the US Morgan Stanley lately was the lead banker in the Zynga IPO, although its shares have mainly traded below the offering price.

Representatives for Goldman, Morgan Stanley and Facebook declined to comment. “As is our typical practice, we just don’t get into speculation about an IPO,” a Facebook spokesman said.

The Facebook IPO is extensively expected. Facebook board member Peter Thiel said preceding year that Facebook would regard as going public in 2012.

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