Assam demanded to monitor hydro power projects as independent body.

Pradyut BordoloiGuwahati: Against the conditions of extensive opposition to construction of hydro power projects in neighbouring state of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam on Wednesday claimed construction of North East Water Resource Authority (NEWRA) as an independent body to monitor the development of all such projects, mainly in the upper reaches of river Brahmaputra.

Assam has also come with only some suggestions, which the state wants to be hold to while applied hydro power projects in Arunachal Pradesh.

Assam’s power minister Pradyut Bordoloi said that “We need hydro power projects to meet the fast growing power demands of both the region and the country, but there must be an independent body to monitor construction and development of such projects. We want NEWRA be set up soon.”

He added that Assam had been demanding configuration of NEWRA since 2005, although due to opposition from Arunachal Pradesh, the proposed body could not be establish yet.

Local persons have conflicting construction of the dam on Subansiri fearing adverse effect downstream of the river.

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