Airtel services outage in Mumbai after fire broke out in data centre.

AirtelMumbai: Airtel services in Mumbai were interrupted after a fire broke out in one of its data centre, the reports said.

The problem takes place due to short-circuit at Airtel’s data centre in Mumbai suburb, Malad. It resulted in a shutdown of servers that route calls from telecom towers in the region.

Services were down since early morning on Tuesday, but, the problems different from user to user. Though some did not have any service at all, outgoing calls were banned for others, and none had effective data services till Tuesday evening.

Airtel said in a statement that, “There was a network outage in the Western region this morning as a result of a fire in our central POP (point of presence) location in Malad, Mumbai. Our teams have been working since morning to normalise all affected services. Mobile voice, Blackberry and SMS services have largely been restored and are stabilizing.”

“We are working towards restoring 2G & 3G data services later tonight. However, for the Enterprise services like IPLC, Leased lines, MPLS and Internet services, the restoration work is in progress and these services are likely to be restored in the next 24 hours,” it added.

Customers expressed their anger on Airtel’s service outage on social media comprising the official Airtel Twitter account.

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