US intelligence accused China and Russia for cyber attack.

US intelligence Washington: US intelligence officials accused China and Russia of steadily stealing American high-tech data for their national economic gain, the reports said.

According to the new intelligence assessment, both China and Russia conceal following the anonymity of proxy computers and dispersed routers in 3rd countries to steal proprietary corporate information to accelerate their own economic development.

US officials and cyber security experts said that US must frankly confront China and Russia in a broad diplomatic push to combat cyber attacks that are on the rise and represent a persistent threat to US economic security.

US points fingers at Russian and Chinese intelligence services and corporations based in those countries or tied to the governments.

However, the intelligence report did not say how many of the cyber attacks are government-sponsored and would not name other countries that facade similar but lesser threats. It suggested that US allies may be using their access to American institutions to get economic and technology information.

China had no instant response to the report, which was issued after normal business hours Thursday in Beijing.

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