TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee accused UPA for poor coordination with allies.

Mamata BanerjeeNew Delhi: The key meeting between the Prime Minister and Trinamool MPs on Tuesday, sources say an unfair rollback in the petrol price hike is being considered.

Trinamool Chief and West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has charged the UPA of poor coordination with its allies, and said that on crucial decisions they are never taken on board, and it’s this message from Mamata which her 18 MPs will carry to the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

Mamata’s actual demand and anger lies elsewhere, she wants a finance package from the central government, and she will push for this as she meets Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Congress’ worry is that ahead of the winter session of Parliament. Its defences could get fragile with strong words coming in from its most prevailing ally and hence, the need to reach out.

The pleasing-Mamata process has already begun. Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has written to Mamata promising her boost in the limit of PM gram sadak yojana upto 1000 kilometers.

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