Restoration of sovereignty to Assam is solution to Indo-Assam conflict: ULFA.

ULFAGuwahati: Restoration of sovereignty to Assam is an admirable solution to the ‘Indo-Assam conflict.’ There cannot be any other alternative to it and this confidence has led the free members of the (ULFA) to go for the decision to reorder the central committee of their organization so as to persist with their fight to its avowed conclusion.

This was the allegation made by the lately appointed acting chairman of the Paresh Baruah led ULFA faction Dr Abhizeet Bormon in a statement mailed to media houses today.

Dr Bormon further said that he would like to inform the Indian administration and the people of Assam as well that his organization is certainly interested in a political solution, but, only to lead to a Sovereign Assam.

Those who are favouring a political dialogue and are not clear enough in projecting their views evidently on the targeted outcome of the talks, are appeared to have been creating confusion about the process, he alleged.

He further said that the ULFA is intense to avoid confrontation. But it is going to take generally accepted self-preservative actions in countering the oppression, elimination and killing of freedom fighters and freedom-loving Assamese people, he said.

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