Rahul launch campaign for UP 2012 assembly elections in Allahabad.

Rahul GandhiLucknow: Launching Congress campaign for UP 2012 assembly elections at Phulpur in Allahabad, Rahul Gandhi said that UP is being ruled by ‘mafia’ and accused Mayawati government of siphoning off funds given by the centre for execution of welfare schemes for the poor.

He said that there was a time when UP led the country, although today it is among the most backward states. He said that artisan and labourers from UP work in Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab and other states. These people have helped in development of other states. However,  the same people can develop UP, if they stop voting on caste and common line and make development a poll issue.

Rahul’s attack on Mayawati and Mulayam is being seen as Gandhi scion’s denial. He said that Maya and Mulayam rules are responsible for UP’s backwardness. He also said these two leaders have criminalized politics and break of law and order in UP.

Rahul said that extensive corruption has rendered hopeless UPA government’s schemes under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act and National Rural Health Mission in UP.

Signifying that he has enough experience and is now ready to take over greater responsibility in Congress party, Rahul said that he has been working for the poor in UP for preceding seven years. He said that he has learnt a lot from poor.

Rahul urged youth of UP to rise and bring about a change in the state. He said “Till when you will go begging for jobs in Maharashtra and Punjab… Till when you will work as labourers…you have potential and talent.”

“The situation in UP can be changed in five years, if a right government is voted to power,” he added. Rahul said he will persist to work among poor and visit Lucknow regardless of criticism of rivals. He said his stay in Lucknow will assist a party grow.

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