Pranab claims Hazare’s elected recall create political instability.

Pranab MukherjeeKolkata: Anna Hazare’s demand for right to recall elected representatives and reject candidates is not feasible in India, Union finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said and claimed that the provision, if implemented, would only create political volatility.

Without taking Hazare’s name, Mukherjee said that “India is the largest functional democracy in the world with over 122 crore population and each Lok Sabha MP has an average electorate of 15 lakh. Under such circumstances, I do not know if such a demand is feasible.”

Mukherjee was addressing a Panchayati Raj conference here organised by the West Bengal Pradesh Congress.

In a while, he had ended his 12-day fast on the Lokpal issue, Hazare had said that his fight would now be for the right to recall elected representatives and right to reject candidates as part of electoral reforms in order to enclose corruption.

Shakeel Ahmed, AICC general secretary in-charge of West Bengal, supposed in his speech that Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev were trying to divide the country.

“In 1977, the same had been tried by making false allegations against Indira Gandhi and then again in 1989, the BJP had tried to divide the country over the Ram Janmabhumi Babri Masjid issue,” he claimed.

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