Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL designed to sell ad space.

Microsoft Yahoo and AOLSan Francisco: Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are joining forces in an online advertising attack on Google and Facebook, the reports said.

The alliance, announced Tuesday, is designed to sell some of the less-prized ad space that Microsoft Corp. Yahoo Inc. and AOL Inc. have had a problem filling on their own.

While they share some resources, the three companies vowed to retain their independence and compete against each other with separate sales teams. As a result, they said that they don’t anticipate US antitrust regulators to object to the non-exclusive partnership before they begin selling ads together in January.

Ross Levinsohn, a Yahoo executive vice president, called the alliance as a ‘fundamental rethinking’ of the Internet ad market.

That statement also could be interpreted as a bit of wishful thinking. Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, all need to change the direction of an online ad market that has been increasingly slanting in the direction of Google and Facebook.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL consider that space will be in higher demand if they can succeed at creating a more competent, transparent market that assists connect advertisers with the Web audiences best suited for their marketing campaigns.

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