Kiran Bedi insists Sonia Gandhi to bring a strong Lokpal Bill.

Kiran BediNew Delhi: Team Anna member Kiran Bedi reacted to UPA Chief Sonia Gandhi’s comments on corruption and insisted Gandhi to bring about a strong Lokpal Bill in the Winter Session.

Gandhi’s speech was read out to at public at a rally in Chamoli after she cancelled her public appearance. In the speech, she said that corruption cannot be fought by speeches alone.

Bedi reacted to the comment and tweeted that “Mrs. Gandhi is RT. Only speeches and assurances will not reduce corruption. She can through a winter session. She is Leader of Ruling Party!”

Gandhi also said in the speech that the PM and the government were committed to conveying the Lokpal Bill, and she couldn’t understand why Team Anna was making all the noise.

Gandhi also states that it was the Congress that actually empowered citizens with the RTI Law.

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