Kingfisher flight operations normalize after Nov 19.

Kingfisher AirlinesNew Delhi: Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya said on Friday that every government has gone out of the way to support airlines and connectivity. However, in India, airlines are overtaxed and overcharged.

Vijay Mallya tweeted late Friday night that “Every Government has gone out of the way to support Airlines and connectivity. In India, Airlines are over taxed and over charged wonder why?”

In another post, the Kingfisher Airlines chairman said that “Is it Kingfisher’s duty 2 fly on loss making routes when State Governments tax heavily? Or should v be financially prudent n fly profitably?”

Kingfisher airlines on Friday said that it has not asked for a bailout from the government, although admitted requesting banks to increase the loan limits to allow it meet rising operating costs due to increase in fuel prices and rupee devaluation.

“Kingfisher has not made any bailout request to the government. We have only asked our banks for an increase in limits due to significant increase in operating costs caused by anincrease in fuel prices and rupee devaluation,” Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Kingfisher Airlines, said in a statement.

While the airline had maintained that the flight operations will normalize after Nov 19, the reconfiguration initiative will involve up to three aircraft to be out of service over the next three months at any one time for this exercise to be completed.

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