Kanimozhi appeal for bail in HC today.

KanimozhiNew Delhi: DMK MP Kanimozhi will appeal in the High Court today for bail in the 2G scam case. Yesterday, a CBI court in Delhi had rejected her bail plea along with that of seven other accused.

The court’s decision amazed many as the odds were in favour of her getting bail after over five months in prison for her alleged role in the telecom scam.
CBI, which had challenged three earlier bail applications for her, had said a few weeks ago that this time around, it has no objections to her leaving prison.
Kanimozhi has been in jail since May 20 for the telecom cheats, estimated to be India’s largest scam. The CBI has said in court that it cost the country Rs. 30,000 crore. The government’s auditor places the price tag at Rs. 1.76 lakh crore.
The trial for the telecom scam starts on November 11 for the 14 people, who have all been accused of criminal conspiracy. A Raja, also from the DMK and besides in jail, is the only one who has not applied for bail; he says he will leave jail only after he proves in court that the scam, he is being held accountable for is pretended.

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