Hazare’s letter threatened government to launch a new agitation.

Anna HazareNew Delhi: After Anna Hazare’s letter to the Prime Minister on the Lokpal issue, BJP today pointed out that its priority now is to perform the role of a constructive and active opposition in Parliament to pass the legislation in the winter session.
Response to Hazare’s letter, in which he has threatened to launch a new agitation if the government fails to pass the Lokpal Bill in the winter session of Parliament, the main opposition said that dealing with the issue is the responsibility of the government.
Party spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said that “BJP will work actively in the Standing Committee Dealing with the Lokpal Bill. We are committed to supporting the government in bringing a Bill for an effective and strong Lokpal.”
The main opposition maintained that whatever amends was to be made in the Bill should be made through the democratic process- in the Standing Committee and in Parliament. So far, as dealing with Hazare and his team is concerned, BJP said that it was expectant the government will act in a responsible manner.

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