Govt ensure to passage of Lokpal Bill in Winter Session of Parliament.

ParliamentNew Delhi: Among demands from Team Anna, Government today said that it was determined to make sure passage of Lokpal Bill in the Winter Session of Parliament, although expressed itself against any compilation legislation that will create huge bureaucracies.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal also said that the Government will have an open mind and will give a very severe thought to the report of the Standing Committee going into the bill.

Parliament will also introduce the Food Security Bill, seeking to expand the scope of subsidised food entitlements to the poor, and the Mining Bill aimed at sharing profits with local communities, Bansal said.

Some members of the parliamentary standing committee have recommended a middle path on the Prime Minister’s enclosure in the Lokpal legislation as a way out of what looks like an imminent showdown with the civil-society activists and the Opposition on the issue.

The Parliament session will conclude on Dec 21, and the Congress fears that if the Bill is not passed, Hazare’s team will campaign against its candidates in the assembly elections. The biggest worry for the Congress is Uttar Pradesh, where it is anxious to perform well.

However, the Opposition and some supporting parties too, are dubious to make matters easier for the ruling party on the Lokpal issue.

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